(B) User mode
In addition to factory preset modes, the monitor also provides ten additional
user-defined modes, which can be adjusted based on preset modes.
If the input video signal is different from our factory-preset modes,the new
timing data will be stored automatically. However, the displayed parameters
may need to be adjusted. You may adjust the parameters using the On-
Screen-Display (as described on the previous pages).

Data Storage

(A) Factory preset mode:
This monitor has eight factory-preset modes as indicated in the following
Frequency Standard
Resolution H(KHz) V(Hz)
M01 640x400 31.5 70 VGA
M02 640x480 31.5 60 VGA
M03 800x600 46.9 75 VESA/75
M04 1024x768 60.0 75 VESA/75
M05 1024x768 68.7 85 VESA/85
M06 1152x870 68.7 75 MAC
M07 1280x1024 80.0 75 VESA/75
M08 1280x1024 91.1 85 VESA/85