Philips 271S4LPYEB user manual SmartControl Premium FAQs

Models: 271S4LPYEB

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9.2 SmartControl Premium FAQs

9.Troubleshooting & FAQs

Eliminate the vertical bars using the Phase/ Clock of Setup in OSD Main Controls. It is valid only in VGA mode.

Image appears blurred, indistinct or too dark

Adjust the contrast and brightness on On-Screen Display.

An "after-image", "burn-in" or "ghost image" remains after the power has been turned off.

Uninterrupted display of still or static images over an extended period may cause "burn in", also known as "after-imaging "

or "ghost imaging", on your screen. "Burn- in", "after-imaging", or "ghost imaging" is a well-known phenomenon in LCD panel technology. In most cases, the "burned in" or "after-imaging" or "ghost imaging" will disappear gradually over a period of time after the power has been switched off.

Always activate a moving screen saver program when you leave your monitor unattended.

Always activate a periodic screen refresh application if your LCD monitor will display unchanging static content.

Failure to activate a screen saver, or a periodic screen refresh application may result in severe “burn-in” or “after-image” or “ghost image” symptoms that will not disappear and cannot be repaired.The damage mentioned above is not covered under your warranty.

Image appears distorted.Text is fuzzy or blurred.

Set the PC’s display resolution to the same mode as monitor’s recommended screen native resolution.

Green, red, blue, dark, and white dots appears on the screen

The remaining dots are normal characteristic of the liquid crystal used in today’s technology, Please refer the pixel policy for more detail.

The "power on" light is too strong and is disturbing

You can adjust “power on” light using the power LED Setup in OSD main Controls.

For further assistance, refer to the Consumer Information Centers list and contact Philips customer service representative.

9.2 SmartControl Premium FAQs

Q1. I change the monitor on a PC to a different one and the SmartControl Premium becomes un-usable, what do I do?

Ans.: Restart your PC and see if SmartControl Premium can work. Otherwise, you will need to remove and re-install SmartControl Premium to ensure proper driver is installed.

Q2. The SmartControl Premium functions worked well before, but it does not work anymore, what can I do?

Ans.: If the following actions were executed, the monitor driver may need to be re- installed.

Changed video graphic adapter to another one

Updated video driver

Activities on OS, such as service pack or patch

Run Windows Update and updated monitor and/or video driver

Windows was booted with the monitor power off or disconnected.

To find out, please right click My Computer and click on Properties->Hardware-> Device Manager.

If you see “Plug and Play Monitor” shows under Monitor, then you need to re-install. Simply remove SmartControl Premium and re-install it.


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Philips 271S4LPYEB user manual SmartControl Premium FAQs