6.4.4 Installation / Channel Search
Once you select the Channel Search item from the
Installation submenu, you will have two channel search
methods to choose from. You can either Searchfor
New Channels or Reinstall All Channel Lists. In the
first method only new channels will be added to your
existing list, whereas in the second one your current
channel list will be replaced by a new one. Pressing OK
initializes the channel searching procedure. You may
interrupt this procedure by pressing BACK. Follow the
prompts displayed on the screen.
Channel Searching
6.4.5 Installation / Decoder Status
The Decoder Status submenu gives you access to some
system and loader information. It also allows you to
perform the receiver upgrade procedure.
To check whether a new software version is available for
your receiver, select the Decoder Upgradeitem from
the Decoder Status submenu. If new software exists,
you will be prompted to press OK to initiate the
upgrading process.
Decoder Status Submenu Once the upgrade process is initiated, it takes complete
control of the receiver, so the receiver's normal operation
is suspended. You may interrupt this procedure by
pressing BACK.
Selecting the Smart Card item from the Decoder
Status submenu gives you access to information
concerning the inserted smart card.
Receiver Upgrade
6.4.6 Installation / Factory Reset
Once you select the Factory Reset option, the Restore
Settings option is set to No. If you decide to restore all
factory settings of the receiver, press C/Bto change
the value of the Restore Settings option to Yes.
Pressing BACK returns to the Installation submenu.
Note that pressing OK restores factory settings of the
receiver and restarts the first-time installation process
(the Language screen appears).
Factory Reset
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