LRM 8112 Movement Detector

Dimensions in mm
Ø 99
Ø 113
Ø 95
Ø 116
The LRM 8112 is a Movement
Detector for the automatic
control of lighting systems.
It can be used in combination
with various types of Philips
Lighting Control Systems such as
The sensor is intended for
indoor use in an office
environment and comes with a
mounting ring for recessed
mounting and a mounting plate
for surface mounting.The unit is
optimized for ceiling mounting.
The pattern of sensitivity is
nearly circular, covering an area
with a diameter of
approximately 8 m for
tangential movements (i.e.
around the detector) and
approximately 6 m for radial
movements (i.e. towards the
detector). In the latter area
most hand/arm movements will
be detected.These figures apply
to units mounted to a ceiling of
between 2.6 and 3.0 m high.
• More movement detectors can
be connected in parallel, in
order to cover large or odd
shaped rooms. One movement
detector output can drive more
controller inputs. For details
refer to sections "Technical
data" and "Miscellaneous".
The movement detector has a
built-in delay timer for the
• By means of 3 dipswitches (5,
10 and 30 minutes) the timer
can be set at values between
5 and 45 minutes. Setting all
dipswitches to the off-position
results in a walk-test mode with
0 minutes delay.
The detector contains a red
light emitting diode (LED),
indicating the active state of the
output.The LED can be
disabled via a dipswitch.
• Dipswitches for timer setting
and LED function can be
reached via a hinged cover at
the side of the unit. For access
to the cover, mounted units
must be disengaged from the
mounting ring a few
centimetres.They can
remain electrically connected
and operational.
Factory setting is: timer values
off - LED on.
The housing material is Polycar-
bonate, white (RAL 9010). It
contains lens, sensor element
and electronic circuitry and
need not be disassembled
during installation or
The Movement Detector is
powered from the
corresponding controller and
does not require an external
power supply unit.
• Electrical connections are made
via a standard modular socket
("Telejack") using a separate
sensor cable (not supplied with
the unit).The "Telejack" entry is
behind a hinged cover at the
side of the unit. A cable duct
with clamps is provided at the
rear side of the sensor, allowing
entry of standard flat oval cable
from any direction when the
unit is surface mounted.
• Recessed mounting in ceiling
systems is possible without
removing any ceiling parts, pro-
vided that sensor positions are
pre-wired.The minimum recess
clearance is a mere 60 mm.
The LRM 8112 belongs to a
series of sensors with identical
construction and appearance.
Other sensors in the series are
a Light Sensor (LRL 8101), an
Infrared Receiver (IRR 8124)
and a Multi-Sensor (LRI 8133),
i.e. a combination of the three
sensor types.
-The LRM 8112 is a functional
replacement for the phased-out
types LRM 100 and
LRM 8012.
The Movement Detector is
used in combination with
• Main application is energy-
saving by automatic switching of
light sources, depending on the
presence of persons in the