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Chapter 2:
5 minute guide
Introduction to home theater
Home theater refers to the use of multiple
audio tracks to create a surround sound effect,
making you feel like you’re in the middle of the
action or concert. The surround sound you get
from a home theater system depends not only
on your speaker setup, but also on the source
and the sound settings of the receiver.
This receiver will automatically decode
multichannel Dolby Digital, DTS, or Dolby
Surround sources according to your speaker
setup. In most cases, you won’t have to make
changes for realistic surround sound, but
other possibilities (like listening to a CD with
multichannel surround sound) are explained in
Listening to your system
on page 30.
Listening to Surround Sound
With the following quick setup guide, you
should have your system hooked up for
surround sound in no time at all. In most
cases, you can simply leave the receiver in the
default settings.
Be sure to complete all connections before
connecting to an AC power source.
1 Connect your DVD player and TV.
Connecting a DVD player and TV
on page 12
to do this. For surround sound, you’ll want to
hook up using a digital connection from the
DVD player to the receiver.
2Connect your speakers and place them for
optimal surround sound.
Connecting the speakers
on page 20.
Where you place the speakers will have a big
effect on the sound. Place your speakers as
shown below for the best surround sound
effect. Also see
Hints on speaker placement
page 21 for more on this.
3 Plug in and switch on the receiver,
followed by your DVD player, subwoofer and
Make sure you’ve set the video input on your
TV to this receiver. Check the manual that
came with the TV if you don’t know how to do
4 Use the on-screen automatic MCACC
setup to set up your system.
Automatically setting up for surround
sound (MCACC)
on page 8 for more on this.
5 Play a DVD, and adjust the volume.
Make sure that
is showing in the
receiver’s display. If it isn’t, press
on the
remote to set the receiver to the DVD input.
There are several other sound options you can
select. See
Listening to your system
on page 30
for more on this.
1You may need to set your DVD player to output Dolby Digital, DTS and 88.2 kHz/96 kHz PCM (2 channel) audio (see your DVD
player’s manual for more on this).
2Depending on your DVD player or source disc, you may only get 2 channel sound. In this case, the listening mode must be set
Listening in surround sound
on page 30 if you need to do this) if you want multichannel surround sound.
Left (L)
Left (LS)
Right (RS)
Center (C)
Subwoofer (SW)
Right (R)
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