Transferring files to your computer (for Windows)


1Open menus

2Display files in the selected folder

3Change to the Photo edit mode

4Change to the Video edit mode

5Change to the Sharing mode (You can send files by email or upload files to websites, such as Flickr or YouTube.)

6Enlarge or reduce the thumbnails in the list

7Select a file type

8View files of the selected folder on your computer

9Show or hide files of the connected camera

10View files of the selected folder on the camera

11View files as thumbnails, in Smart Album, or on a map

12Browse folders in the connected device

13Browse folders in your computer

14Move to the previous or next folder

15Print files, view files on a map, store files in My Folder, or register faces

Transferring files to your computer (for Mac)

For Mac users

When you connect the camera to a Macintosh computer, the computer will recognize the device automatically. You can transfer files directly from the camera to the computer without installing any programs. MAC OS 10.3 or later is supported.

1.Connect your camera to a Macintosh computer with the USB cable.

åYou must plug the end of the cable with the indicator light (▲)

into your camera. If the cable is reversed, it may damage your files. The manufacturer is not responsible for any loss of data.