Using the camera buttons to set the camera

The recording mode function can be set up by using the camera buttons.

POWER button

Used for turning the camera’s power on / off. If there is no operation during the specified time, the camera's power will be turned off automatically to save battery life. Refer to p.55 for more information about the auto power off function.

SHUTTER button

Used for taking an image or recording a movie clip in the Recording mode.åIn Movie mode

Pressing the shutter button down fully starts the process for recording a movie clip. Press the shutter button once and the movie clip is recorded for as long as the available

recording time on the memory allows. If you wish to stop recording, press the shutter button again.

åIn Still image mode

Pressing the shutter button down halfway activates the autofocus and checks the condition of the flash. Pressing the shutter button down fully takes and stores the image. If you select voice memo recording, the recording will start after the camera has finished storing the image data.

ZOOM button

If the menu is not displayed, this button works as the OPTICAL ZOOM or DIGITAL ZOOM button.

This camera has a 5X optical zoom and a 3X digital zoom function. Using both will offer a total zoom ratio of 15X.


Optical zoom TELE : Pressing the ZOOM T button. This will zoom into the subject i.e. the subject will appear nearer.

Digital zoom TELE : When the maximum (5X) optical zoom is selected, pressing the ZOOM T button

activates the digital zoom software. Releasing ZOOM T button stops the digital zooming at the required setting. Once the maximum digital zoom (3X) is achieved, pressing the ZOOM T button will have no effect.




the ZOOM


the ZOOM

T button


T button

[WIDE zoom]

[TELE zoom]

[Digital zoom 3.0X]