Connecting to a Power Source

You should use the rechargeable battery BP70A supplied with the camera. Be sure to charge the battery before using the camera.

ÊBP70A rechargeable battery Specification




Lithium lon





Charging time

Approximately 150 Minutes

ÊNumber of images and battery life: Using the BP70A


Battery life /



Number of images





Using the fully charged battery, Default



settings, Program mode, Shot to shot



interval: 30Sec.

Still image

Approx. 105 MIN /

Changing the zoom position between

Approx. 210 shots

the Wide and the Tele after every shot.



Using the flash on every second shot.



Using the camera for 5 minutes and



then powering it off for 1 minute.






Using the fully charged battery


Approx. 105 MIN

640x480 image size



30fps frame rate




ÄThese figures are measured under Samsung’s standard conditions and shooting conditions and may vary depending on the user’s methods.

Important information about battery usage.åWhen camera is not in use, turn off the power.

åPlease remove the battery if the camera will not be used for long periods. Batteries can lose power over time and are prone to leaking if kept inside the camera.

åLow temperatures (below 0°C) can affect the performance of the battery and you may experience reduced battery life.

åBatteries will usually recover at normal temperatures.

åDuring extended use of the camera, the camera body may become warm. This is perfectly normal.

ÊConnecting the AC adapter with the USB cable can be used as an AC cable, and you can charge the rechargeable battery with the AC cable.

- Using an AC cable: Connect the AC adapter to the USB cable. It can be used as a power cable.- Using a USB cable: Remove the AC adapter.

You can download stored images to your PC (p.89) or supply the power to your camera through the USB cable.