Warning indicator

There are several warnings that may appear on the LCD display.

[Card Error]åMemory card errorÃTurn off the camera power and turn it on againÃInsert the memory card againÃInsert and format the memory card (p.53)[Card Locked]åThe memory card is locked

ÃSD/SDHC memory card : Slide the write protect switch to the top of the memory card

[Memory Full]åThe memory card or internal memory is fullÃInsert new memory cardÃDelete unnecessary image files[No Image File]åThere are no images stored on the memoryÃTake imagesÃInsert a memory card that is storing some images
[File Error]åFile error

ÃDelete the file åMemory card error

ÃContact a camera service center[Low Battery]åThere is low battery capacityÃInsert fresh battery