Disc Playback

MP3-CD Playback



Data CDs (CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW) encoded in MP3 format can be played.




Press OPEN/1 CLOSE button to open the disc tray.
2 Load a disc.Place a disc gently into the tray with the disc’s label facing up.

Press OPEN/

3 CLOSE button to close the disc tray.DVD VCD CDPlayback starts automatically.
Press the

1 OPEN/CLOSE button to open the disc tray, and then load the MP3 disc.

2 to select the album, and then

press the ENTER button.In Stop mode, use


Depending on the content of the disc, the initial screen may appear different.

To stop playback, press STOP during playback.

If pressed once, “PRESS PLAY” is displayed and the stop position will be stored in memory.

If PLAY/PAUSE ( ) button or ENTER button is pressed, playback resumes from the stop position. (This function works only with DVDs.)

If pressed twice, “STOP” is displayed, and if PLAY/PAUSE ( ) button is pressed, playback starts from the beginning.

To temporarily pause playback, press PLAY/PAUSE during playback.

To resume playback, press PLAY/PAUSE ( ) button again.

Selecting the Video Format

Press and hold NT/PAL button on the remote controller for over 5 seconds while the power is turned off.

The MP3 menu screen will appear and playback will start.

The appearance of the menu depends on the MP3 disc.

To change the album,3 use to select another album in Stop mode, and then press the ENTER button.

To select another album and track, repeat Steps 2 and 3 above.


4 Press the STOP button to stop playback.

By default, the video format is set to "PAL".

"NTSC" or "PAL" will appear in the display.

At this time, press the NT/PAL button shortly to select between "NTSC" and "PAL".

Each country has a different video format standard.

For normal playback, the video format of the disc must be the same as the video format of your TV.

Note Depending on the recording mode, some MP3-CDs may not play.

Table of contents of a MP3-CD varies depending on the MP3 track format recorded on the disc.

MP3 file support: MPEG1 LAYER3 (BITRATE : 128KBPS~320KBPS , SAMPLEING FREQ.: 32K/44.1K/48KHz)