Setting the Speaker Mode

Signal outputs and frequency responses from the speakers will automatically be adjusted according to your speaker configuration and whether certain speakers are used or not.

Setting the Test Tone



Use the Test Tone feature to check the speaker connections and to adjust the speaker levels.

In Stop mode,

1 press MENU


In the Speaker

3 Setup, press the ENTER button again.

Press Cursor 2 button to move to

‘Audio’ and then press ENTER button.

Press Cursor , ,

4 , buttons to move to the desired speaker and then press ENTER button.

For C, LS, and RS, each time the button is pressed, the mode switches alternately as follows: SMALL NONE.

For L and R, the mode is set to SMALL.


In Stop mode,




Press Cursor



Press Cursor button





button to move to



to move to ‘TEST


press MENU










‘Audio’ and then



TONE’ and then press

1 button.





press ENTER button.

ENTER button.


















The test tone will be sent to L C











R RS LS SW in that order.











If the ENTER button is pressed again




















at this time, the test tone will stop.


































































Press RETURN button to return to the previous level.

Press MENU button to exit the setup screen.



SMALL : Select this when using the speakers.

NONE : Select this when no speakers are installed.


Depending on PRO LOGIC and STEREO, the speaker mode may vary.


Alternate method: press the TEST TONE button on the remote.

Press TEST TONE button.

Test tone will be produced as follows: When playing a DVD or CD, this will work only in Stop mode.

Use this function to check that each speaker is correctly connected and that there is no problem.

To end the test tone,

press TEST TONE button again.

L: Front Speaker (L)

C: Center Speaker

SW: Subwoofer

R: Front Speaker (R)

LS: Rear Speaker (L)

RS: Rear Speaker (R)

Multi-Channel Pro Logic Mode