Before Calling for Service

Refer to the chart below when this unit does not function properly. If the problem you are experiencing is not listed below or if the instruction below does not help, turn off the unit, disconnect the power cord, and contact the nearest authorized dealer or Samsung Electronics Service Center.



















Disc tray does not open.Is the power cord plugged securely into the outlet?


Turn off the power and then turn it back on.








Playback does not start.Check the region number of the DVD.


DVD discs purchased from abroad may not be playable.


CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs cannot be played on this DVD





Make sure that the rating level is correct.
Playback does not startAre you using a deformed disc or a disc with scratches on
immediately when the

the surface?
Play/Pause button is pressed.Wipe the disc clean.














Sound is not produced.

No sound is heard during fast playback, slow playback, and step


motion playback.


Are the speakers connected properly? Is the speaker setup



correctly customized?


Is the disc severely damaged?








Sound can be heard onlyWhen listening to a CD or radio, sound is output to the front


speakers (L/R) only. Select "PRO LOGIC II" by pressing










from a few speakers and


(Dolby Pro Logic II) on the remote control to use all six speakers.

not all six.Make sure that the DVD disc is 5.1-CH compatible.
If you set C, SL, and SR to NONE in the speaker mode in the



audio setup of the setup screen, no sound is heard from the



center speaker and the front left and right speakers. Set C, SL,



and SR to SMALL.








Picture does not appear, sound

Was the DVD player suddenly moved from a cold place to a warm

is not produced, or the disc


one? When condensation forms inside the player, remove the disc


and let the player stand for 1 or 2 hours with the power on. (You

tray opens 2 to 5 seconds later.



can use the player again after condensation disappears.)








Dolby Digital 5.1 CH

Is there "Dolby Digital 5.1 CH" mark on the disc? Dolby Digital 5.1

Surround Sound is not


CH Surround Sound is produced only if the disc is recorded with


5.1 channel sound.

Is the audio language correctly set to DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1-CH in



the information display?


























• Disc is rotating but noIs the TV power on?



picture is produced.

Are the video cables connected properly?






• Picture quality is poor andIs the disc dirty or damaged?



A poorly manufactured disc may not be playable.
picture is shaking.












The remote control does not

Is the remote control being operated within its operation range of

angle and distance?







Are the batteries exhausted?







Audio language and

Audio language and subtitles will not work for DVDs not containing

subtitles do not work.


them. And depending on the disc, they may work differently.








Menu screen does not appear even

Are you using a disc that does not contain menus?

when the menu function is selected.











Aspect ratio cannot be

You can play 16:9 DVDs in 16:9 WIDE mode, 4:3 LETTER BOX


mode, or 4:3 PAN SCAN mode, but 4:3 DVDs can be seen in 4:3



ratio only. Refer to the DVD disc jacket and then select the



appropriate function.



Can't receive radio

Is the antenna connected properly?








broadcast.If the antenna's input signal is weak, install an external FM


antenna in an area with good reception.








The main unit is not working.













Turn off the power and hold thebutton on the main unit for

(Example: The power goes out or


longer than 5 seconds.



strange noise is heard.)










• The DVD player is notUsing the RESET function will erase all stored settings.
working normally.Do not use this unless necessary.









While “NO DISC” message appears on the display of main unit, hold

The password for rating

the main unit's

button for longer than 5 seconds. “INITIALIZE”

level has been forgotten.

appears on the display and all settings will return to the default values.

Press the POWER button.


Using the RESET function will erase all stored settings.


Do not use this unless necessary.