TV SoundConnect

TV SoundConnect lets you listen to audio from your TV on your Soundbar via a Bluetooth connection and lets you control the sound.


HDMI transmits video and audio signals simultaneously, and provides a clearer picture.

The unit is also equipped with the ARC function which lets you listen to sound from your TV through the Soundbar via an HDMI cable. This function is only available if you connect the unit to an ARC compliant TV.

Surround Sound Expansion

The Surround Sound Expansion feature adds depth and spaciousness to your listening experience. Surround Sound Expansion is powered by Sonic Emotion.

Wireless Subwoofer

Samsung’s wireless module does away with cables running between the main unit and the subwoofer. Instead, the subwoofer connects to a compact wireless module that communicates with the main unit.

Special Sound Effects

You can select different Sound Effects - CINEMA / SPORTS / VOICE / MUSIC / STANDARD (Original Sound) - depending on the type of content you want to enjoy.

Multi-function Remote Control

You can use the supplied remote control to control various operations with the simple press of a button.

USB Host Support

You can connect and play music files from external USB storage devices such as MP3 players, USB flash memory, etc. using the Soundbar's USB HOST function.

Bluetooth Function

You can connect a Bluetooth device to the Soundbar and enjoy music with high quality stereo sound, all without wires!


Connect your NFC compatible device via Bluetooth to the Soundbar using this simple set-up procedure and play music on the device through the Soundbar. It is supported in some area’s models only.

Multiroom Link

Once the Soundbar is connected to a smart device with Multiroom Link App, you can connect multiple Samsung Multiroom devices together wirelessly.


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