+To disconnect the Bluetooth device from the Soundbar

You can disconnect the Bluetooth device from the Soundbar. For instructions, see the Bluetooth device's user manual.

The Soundbar will be disconnected.

When the Soundbar is disconnected from the Bluetooth device, the Soundbar will display BT DISCONNECTED on the front display.

+To disconnect the Soundbar from the Bluetooth device

Press the (SOURCE) button on the remote control or the ( ) button on the product's front panel to switch from BT to another mode or turn off the Soundbar.

The connected Bluetooth device will wait a certain amount of time for a response from the Soundbar before terminating the connection. (Disconnection time may differ, depending on the Bluetooth device)

● In Bluetooth connection mode, the Bluetooth connection will be lost if the distance between the Soundbar and the Bluetooth device exceeds 5 m.

The Soundbar automatically turns off after 15 minutes in the Ready state.


More About Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a technology that enables Bluetooth-compliant devices to interconnect easily with each other using a short wireless connection.

A Bluetooth device may cause noise or malfunction, depending on usage, when:

-A part of your body is in contact with the receiving/transmitting system of the Bluetooth device or the Soundbar.

-It is subject to electrical variation from obstructions caused by a wall, corner, or office partition.

-It is exposed to electrical interference from same frequency-band devices including medical equipment, microwave ovens, and wireless LANs.

Pair the Soundbar with the Bluetooth device while they are close together.

The further the distance between the Soundbar and Bluetooth device, the worse the quality is. If the distance exceeds the Bluetooth operational range, the connection is lost.

In poor reception areas, the Bluetooth connection may not work properly.

The Bluetooth connection only works when it is close to the unit. The connection will be automatically cut off if the Bluetooth device is out of range. Even within range, the sound quality may be degraded by obstacles such as walls or doors.

This wireless device may cause electric interference during its operation.