Turns the Soundbar on and off.


Adjusts the volume level of the unit.

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If there is more than one file on the device you are playing, and you press the # button, the previous file is selected.


Press the ► button to pause playing the file temporarily.

Press the ► button again to play the selected file.


Press to select a sound effect mode.

Select the STANDARD mode if you want to enjoy the original sound.

When you choose a Sound Effect mode (except STANDARD), Surround

Sound Expansion will automatically be turned OFF.


You can control the woofer volume.

Press the #,$ button to increase or decrease the subwoofer volume.

You can set it from SW -6 to SW +6.

You can also activate SPK ADD function of the soundbar by pressing and holding WOOFER button of the remote for over 5 seconds.

Surr.Sound (Surround Sound Expansion)

Press the Surr.Sound button on the remote to add depth and spaciousness to the sound.

When you select SURROUND SOUND AUTO: If the sound source has more than 2 channels, SURROUND SOUND ON turns on automatically.

If the sound source has 2 channels (stereo) or less, SURROUND SOUND OFF is selected automatically.

You can also activate WPS function by pressing and holding

Surr.Sound button on the remote for over 5 seconds.

+Installing the Batteries in the Remote Control
















1. Use a suitable coin to turn

2. Insert a 3V lithium battery. Keep the

3. Use a suitable coin to turn the

the remote control's battery

positive (+) pole facing up when

remote control battery cover

cover counterclockwise to

inserting the battery. Put the battery

clockwise as far as it will go to

remove it as shown in the

cover on and align the '' marks side

fix it in place.

figure above.

by side as shown in the figure above.