Before requesting service, please check the following.

The unit will not turn on.

• Is the power cord plugged into the outlet?

Connect the power plug to the outlet.




A function does not work when the button is pressed.

• Is there static electricity in the air?

Disconnect the power plug and connect it again.





Sound is not produced.


• Is the Mute function on?

Press the Mute button to cancel the function.

• Is the volume set to minimum?

Adjust the Volume.





The remote control does not work.


• Are the batteries drained?

Replace with new batteries.

• Is the distance between the remote control and main

Move closer to the unit.

unit too far?






The TV SoundConnect (TV pairing) failed.


• Does your TV support TV SoundConnect?

TV SoundConnect is supported by some Samsung


TVs released from 2012 on. Check your TV to see if it


supports TV SoundConnect.

• Is your TV firmware the latest version?

Update your TV with the latest firmware.

• Does an error occur when connecting?

Contact the Samsung call centre.

• Reset the TV MODE and connect again.

Press and hold the ► button for 5 seconds to reset


the TV SoundConnect connection.




The red LED on the subwoofer blinks and the subwoofer is not producing sound.

• Your subwoofer may not be connected to the main

Try to connect your subwoofer again.

body of the product.

(See Page 13)





The subwoofer drones and vibrates noticeably.


• Try to adjust the vibration of your subwoofer.

Press the WOOFER button on your remote control


to adjust its value (between SW-6 and SW+6).