Washing a Load of Laundry

WM stops the current step of the cycle or does not proceed to the next step of washing (indication of remain time on LED display may increase).

Your new washing machine is equipped with Fuzzy Logic system, which not only sets the optimum level of water and other parameters of washing, but also controls the washing process as well as makes necessary corrections in order to provide better washing results. In the above- mentioned matter, the Fuzzy Logic system has detected deviations in washing cycle such as: high quantity of detergent at the end of the cycle, high vibration level while spinning, etc.You can adjust existing wash programs, i.e. change wash temperature and spin speed. After detection of such abnormalities, the washing machine is suspending the normal course of program in order to normalize these parameters and continue the cycle. Fuzzy logic system makes 7 attempts to eliminate such deviations. If it is impossible to normalize the above mentioned deviations by Fuzzy Logic system, you will see the corresponding indication on LED lamps. (see chapter “Troubleshooting”) The operation of Washing machine that corresponds to above- mentioned scheme is considered to be normal.

Washing for the first time

Before washing clothes for the first time, you must run a complete cycle without clothes. To do this:

1. Press the (On/Off) button.

2.Pour a little detergent in the detergent drawer .

3.Turn on the water supply to the washing machine.

4. Press the Temperature button repeatedly until 40˚C is dis-



5.Press the Start/Pause button.

This will remove any water from the manufacturer’s test run remaining in the machine.

Putting detergent in the washing machine:

1.Pull out the detergent drawer.


Add laundry detergent into compartment .



Add softener into compartment (if you





Add prewash detergent into compartment

(if you desire).




Using Hot Water


• The hot water valve is operated when you select a water temperature option above 60˚C (60 ˚C or 95 ˚C).

Washing clothes manually

You can wash clothes manually without using the Fuzzy Logic feature. To do so:

1.Turn on the water at the water source sink.

2.Press the (On/Off) button on the washing machine.

3.Open the door.

4.Load the articles one at a time loosely into the drum, without overfilling.

5.Close the door.

6.Put the detergent in the detergent drawer .

7.Repeatedly press the Program button to select the cycle you prefer: Cotton, Colour, Synthetics, Delicates, and Quick...

8.Press the Spin button to select the spin speed (no spin, 600, 800, …, no spin, … )

9.Repeatedly press the Option button to select the cycle you prefer (Prewash, Rinse+, Rinse hold, ... )

10.Press the Temperature button to select the temperature (cold water , 40˚C, 60˚C, 95˚C).

11.Press the Start/Pause button and the machine will begin the cycle.

When the cycle is finished:

1.Open the door.

Note: The door will not open until 3 minutes after the machine stops or the power turns off.

2.Remove laundry.