The TV settings are lost after 5 minutes.

The TV is in the Retail Mode. Change the Usage Mode to Home Mode. ( >Settings > System > Expert Settings > Usage Mode > Home Mode).

Intermittent Wi-Fi

Make sure the TV has a network connection ( >Settings > Network > Network Status).

Make sure the Wifi password is entered correctly.

Check the distance between the TV and the Modem/Router. The distance should not exceed 15.2 m.

Reduce interference by not using or turning off wireless devices. Also, verify that there are no obstacles between the TV and the Modem/Router.

(The Wi-Fi strength can be decreased by appliances, cordless phones, stone walls/fireplaces, etc.)



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Multi story






















































































Wireless router

Wireless repeater

Contact your ISP and ask them to reset your network circuit to re-register the Mac addresses of your new Modem/Router and the TV.

Video App problems (Youtube etc)

Change the DNS to Select >Settings > Network > Network Status > IP Settings > DNS setting > Enter manually > DNS Server > enter > OK.

Reset by selecting >Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset Smart Hub.

What is Remote Support?

Samsung Remote Support service offers you one-on-one support with a Samsung Technician who can remotely:

Diagnose your TV

Adjust the TV settings for you

Perform a factory reset on your TV

Install recommended firmware updates

How does Remote Support work?

You can easily have a Samsung Tech service your TV remotely:

1.Call the Samsung Contact Centre and ask for remote support.

2.Open the menu on your TV and go to the Support section.

3.Select Remote Management, then read and agree to the service agreements. When the PIN screen appears, provide the PIN number to the agent.

4.The agent will then access your TV.

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