Simple wired remote controller Owner’s Manual
Automatic Cool/Heat
When all indoor units in the identical
refrigerant system are controlled as a
group, the cooling or heating operation
is automatically performed with the
difference between the setup
temperature and the room
Dry operation
Dry function may not be provided
depending on the using indoor unit,
even if Dry ( ) is displayed on the
LCD of the remote controller. (The
same to Cooling operation)
When the room temperature
approaches the setup temperature,
it automatically repeats to ON/OFF
In order not to return humidity to the
room as possible, the mode of
indoor fan changes to LOW when
the operation has stopped.
The fan speed may not be
adjustable depending on the using
indoor unit or the room temperature.
The Dry mode may not be available
depending on the using indoor unit
when the outdoor temperature is
59°F (1 5 °C) or lower.
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