Changing ear tips

Select the type and size of eartip that provides you with the best
comfort and fit.
1. Gently peel the edges of the attached tip away from the
earpiece, using care not to tear the tip.
CAUTION: To prevent damage, do not pull on the
StayHear™ tip wing.
2. Position the opening of the new tip over the nozzle and the
small slot over the nozzle hook.
Note: Each tip is marked with either an L or an R to
indicate which earpiece it is for. Be sure to attach the
left StayHear™ tip to the left earpiece and the right
StayHear™ tip to the right earpiece.
3. Ease the base of the tip down around the base
of the earpiece until the tip feels secured.
Adjusting for comfort and stability
There are several ways you can adjust your headphones to
provide additional comfort and stability. Using the adjustment
slider and clothing clip you can customize how you wear your

Using the adjustment slider

Move the adjustment slider up or down to reduce
or increase the amount of loose cord between the
left and right earpiece.

Using the clothing clip

Use the clothing clip to fasten the cable to
your clothing, for convenience, stability, and
to help manage the cable. This can be helpful
during high-movement activities or when
using the headphones in a single earpiece
Your headphones may require periodic cleaning:
•Ear tips: First, remove them from the headphones and
washthe tips with a mild detergent and water. Make sure
youthoroughly rinse and dry them before putting them back
onthe headphones.
•Headphone nozzles: Clean only with a dry, soft cotton swab or
equivalent. Never insert any cleaning tool into the nozzle.

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StayHear™ tips
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