Thank you for purchasing the Bose® IE2 audio headphones.
TheBose® IE2 audio headphones offer a combination of lifelike
audio performance and comfortable fit not available from most
conventional earbuds.

Register your product

Now is a good time to register your headphones. You can do this
easily by going to http://global.Bose.com/register.
This product conforms to all EU Directive requirements as
applicable by law. The complete Declaration of Conformity
can be found at www.Bose.com/compliance.
Connecting to an audiodevice
You can connect the IE2 audio
headphones to any device with a standard
3.5mm stereo plug (headphone jack).
Importance of Proper Fit
When you wear the headphones properly,
it provides the comfort and clarity you
expect from Bose®.

Fitting the headphones to your ear

The headphone earpiece has a soft StayHear™ tip attached,
allowing it to rest comfortably in the bowl of your ear. The wing
part of the tip fits just under your ear ridge.
Note: Each tip is marked with either an L or an R to
indicate which earpiece it is for. Be sure to attach the
left StayHear™ tip to the left earpiece and the right
StayHear™ tip to the right earpiece.
To determine if the tip is the right size:
1. Insert the earpiece into the canal just enough
for the headphone to rest lightly against your ear.
2. Tilt the headphone back and press the tip wing under the
earridge until it is secure.
The tips should fit comfortably yet securely in the bowl of
Adjustment slider
Clothing clip
Carrying case
*Headphones come with medium StayHear tips attached
left right
left right
left right


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