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MIDI Data Format

MIDI Data Format

1. Ports

The mLAN MIDI ports 1, 4 and 5 are used to communicate
via MIDI with the 01X. The mLAN MIDI ports 2 and 3 are
connected directly to the MIDI-A and MIDI-B terminals of the
01X and do not communicate via MIDI with the 01X.

2. Function Outline

MIDI is used with the 01X for the following purposes/pro-
Studio Manager
Controlling the DAW software
Controlling the Multi Part Editor
Recalling preset Library Scenes
(via program change messages)
The port-related functions are assigned to specific ports as
indicated in the chart below.

3. Data Format

The MIDI format to be used for each function is shown
below. The explanations here pertain only to changing 01X
Scenes via the mLAN MIDI Port 5.
3.1 Channel Messages
3.2 System Common Messages
No relevant messages.
3.3 System Real-time Messages
3.4 System Exclusive Messages
No relevant messages.

4. Format Details

4.1 Program Change
These messages are effective only when the SHIFT +
REMOTE function is set to “NO ASSIGN” (SCENE CTL).
< Receiving >
Data is received when PROGRAM CHANGE RX is on and
the receive channel settings match. However, when OMNI
is set to on, reception is enabled regardless of the channel
settings. Upon reception, Library Scenes are recalled
according to the settings of the Program Change Assign
Tab le .
< Transmitting >
When PROGRAM CHANGE TX is on, recalling a Library
Scene transmits data via the set transmit channel, accord-
ing to the settings of the Program Change Assign Table.
STATUS 1100nnnn Cn Program change
DATA 0nnnnnnn nn Program number (0-127)
4.2 Active Sensing (FE)
< Receiving >
If no Active Sensing messages are received within 400 ms,
MIDI communications are initialized, such as clearing the
Running Status.
STATUS 11111110 FE Active sensing
4.3 System Reset (FF)
< Receiving >
Upon reception, this initializes MIDI communications, such
as clearing the Running Status.
STATUS 11111111 FF System reset
mLAN MIDI Port Function
mLAN-MIDI-1 Remote control (Mode can be selected.)
mLAN-MIDI-2 Direct connection to MIDI-A terminal
mLAN-MIDI-3 Direct connection to MIDI-B terminal
mLAN-MIDI-4 Studio Manager
Remote control (Mode is fixed to “GENERAL.” This
is used for control of the Multi Part Editor, or for
recalling Library Scenes by program change mes-
sages. Selection between the two is done from the
Utility menu.)
Function Format
Remote Control
GENERAL 01X Remote General format
LOGIC Special format
CUBASE Special format
SONAR Special format
PERFORMER Special format
Studio Manager Special format
Recalling of Library Scenes Program Change messages
Command rx/tx function
Cn PROGRAM CHANGE rx/tx For switching the Library Scene
Command rx/tx function
FE ACTIVE SENSING rx For checking MIDI cable connec-
FF RESET rx Clear the running status