Panel Operation and Displays
Parameter Edit Displays
DME64N/DME24N Owner’s Manual 37
Some Parameter Edit displays have just one numeric
parameter, while other may have two or more.
1. Numeric values can be changed by rotating
the dial. Dial rotation produces an
immediate, corresponding change in the
selected value.
2. Press the [ENTER] button to close the
Parameter Edit display after the value(s)
have been edited as required.
1. Use the cursor buttons – [ E ] [ ] [ ] [ F ]
– to select the value to be edited.
2. Rotate the dial to edit the value as required.
3. Repeat step 1 to select the next value to be
edited, use the dial to edit as required, and
repeat until all values have been edited as
4. When all values have been edited, press the
[ENTER] button. A confirmation window will
appear: press [ENTER] one more time to
confirm the edits and close the window.
Parameter Edit Display with One Numeric Parameter
Parameter Edit Display with Multiple Numeric
You can close the window without changing any values
by pressing the [CANCEL] button rather than the
[ENTER] button.