Panel Operation and Displays
Level Meter Display
DME64N/DME24N Owner’s Manual
Level Meter Display
Individually displays the input/output level for each
1. Make sure that the Main display is showing.
If the Main display is not showing, press the
[CANCEL] to return.
2. Press the [UTILITY] button.
The level meter display will appear.

Level Display Slot

Select from [SLOT1] ~ [SLOT4], [AD/DA],

Channel Number

A maximum of 32 [CASCADE IN]/[CASCADE OUT]
channels can be displayed, while for other channels a
maximum of 16 can be displayed.

Input/Output Level Display

Shows the levels at the individual inputs and outputs.

Peak Hold

When the peak hold function is set to ON, peak levels
are held indefinitely.
Peak levels are cleared after one second when peak
hold is set to OFF.
To turn the peak hold function ON or OFF, move the
cursor to the PEAK HOLD ON/OFF setting and press the
[ENTER] button to alternately turn it ON or OFF.
Initializing the DME64N/DME24N
The DME64N/DME24N and ICP1 internal memories can
be initialized as follows.
Begin with the power turned off. Turn the power on while
holding the [SCENE] and [ENTER] buttons, and continue
to hold those buttons until the Yamaha logo appears.
The initialization screen will appear, allowing you to
choose one of the following three options.

01.Initialize DME:

All scenes, preset parameter settings and WAVE files
except components and files saved via the File Storage
function will be deleted. All UTILITY settings are reset to
their default values.

02.Delete All Data:

All internally-stored components, scenes, preset
parameters, wave files, and files stored using the File
Storage function are erased. All UTILITY settings are
reset to their default values. Use this problem when a
problem occurs with the data stored in the device. After
initialization, make sure to update the firmware and the
components from the DME Designer application.
Refer to the DME Designer Owner’s Manual for details.

03. ==> Exit Diag Mode:

Exits from the initialization screen and restarts the unit.
Do not turn off the power during initialization. Doing so
can damage the device.
Level display is not available on the ICP1 control panel.
OUT] are only available on the DME64N, while [AD/DA]
is only available on the DME24N.
1.Holding down the [SCENE] and [ENTER] buttons
2.Press the
Plug the PA-300 AC adaptor while
holding down the [SCENE] and
[ENTER] buttons