Accessories (Please make sure the following items are included in the package.)
DME64N/DME24N Owner’s Manual
Thank you for choosing a Yamaha DME64N/24N Digital Mixing Engine.
In order to take full advantage of the features and performance provided by the DME64N/24N, we urge you to read this
owner’s manual thoroughly before connecting or using the unit. Keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.

Accessories (Please make

sure the following items are

included in the package.)

DME64N/DM24N Owner’s Manual
(This document)
AC power cord
AC plug clamp
Euroblock plug (16P) x 2
Euroblock plug (8P) x 4 (DME64N only)
Euroblock plug (3P) x 16 (DME24N only)


Control Panels
ICP1 Intelligent Control Panel
CP4SW Control Panel
CP4SF Control Panel
CP1SF Control Panel

About the Product Names

In this manual, models DME64N, DME24N, DME8i-C,
DME8o-C, DME4io-C, DME8i-ES, DME8o-ES and
DME4io-ES are categorized as DME series, and models
DME8i-C, DME8o-C, DME4io-C, DME8i-ES, DME8o-ES
and DME4io-ES are all called the “DME Satellite”.

About the Firmware Version

You can download the latest firmware from the following
Yamaha website.


Connecting the AC power cord

First plug the female-connector end of the AC cord into
the [AC IN] socket on the rear panel of the DME64N/
24N, then plug the male plug into an appropriate AC
mains outlet.
Be sure to use the voltage specified for the device.

Turning the power on and off

1. Press the [POWER] switch to turn on the
power to the DME64N/24N.
2. Press the [POWER] switch again to turn off
the power.
For more information on your Control Panel, refer to the
owner’s manual that came with the Control Panel, as
well as the DME Designer Owner’s Manual.
Be sure to turn all devices OFF before
connecting AC mains power.
To prevent the initial power-on surge from
generating a large noise spike or damaging
your speaker system, turn the devices on in
the following order: audio sources, mixer
(such as M7CL or PM5D), DME64N/24N, and
finally power amplifiers.
Reverse this order when turning power off.
The DME64N/24N remembers scene settings when you
turn off the power.
When you turn on the power to the DME64N/24N, it will
start up with the same scene settings.
You can set up the DME64N/24N so that at the startup it
will recall the scene selected before you turned off the
power to the device. (page 48)
Do NOT turn off the power to the DME64N/24N
while it is receiving data from DME Designer
or while it is being manipulated from an
external device. Otherwise, a malfunction may
Even when the power switch is turned off,
electricity is still flowing to the product all the
minimum level. When you are not using the
product for a long time, make sure to unplug
the power cord from the wall AC outlet.