Panel Operation and Displays
Utility Displays
DME64N/DME24N Owner’s Manual 47
LCD Backlight
Specifies LCD backlight operation. Two settings are
available: “ON,” and “OFF.”
ON: The display is continuously lit.
OFF: The display lights when a control is operated,
and will go out 10 seconds after panel operation
Pressing the [ENTER] button alternately selects “ON”
and “OFF”.
Meter Fall Time
Determines the fall time of the level meters – “Fast” or
Fast: The meters rapidly follow changes in the
signal level.
Slow: The meters fall slower than the actual
changes in the signal level, allowing easier reading
in some cases.
Edit using the “List Parameters” editing procedure
described on page 38.
Security Setup (Lock) Page
Panel lock and related settings.
The lock status for the Utility display settings. This
parameter can be set to “Unlock” or “Lock.”
Unlock: The Utility display can be accessed
without a password.
Lock: A password must be entered to access the
Utility display.
When “Lock” is selected a password entry window will
appear when the [UTILITY] button is pressed to access
the utility pages.
Use the [ E ] and [ F ] buttons to position the cursor,
and the dial to enter the desired character at the cursor
location. When all of the password’s characters have
been entered as required press the [ENTER] button.
The password will also be required when switching from
the “Unlock” mode to the “Lock” mode.
Panel Lock Boot
Determines whether or not panel lock will be on when
power to the device is turned on. This parameter can be
set to “Unlock” or “Lock.”
Unlock: Panel lock is OFF when power to the
device is turned on.
Lock: Panel lock is ON when power to the device is
turned on.
Panel Lock Target
Determines the controls (control functions) to be affected
by panel lock. The available settings are “Key Only” and
Key Only: Panel lock only affects the panel
Key+GPI: Panel lock applies to the panel buttons
as well as GPI control input.
User Defined Lock
Sets the lock status individually for each of the four User
Defined Button pages.
ON: The corresponding User Defined Button will
not appear on the display.
OFF: The corresponding User Defined Button will
appear on the display.
To change the settings use the [ E ] and [ F ] buttons to
move the cursor to the setting for the desired page, the
press the [ENTER] button to alternately turn the setting
“ON” and “OFF.”
Password security and management is very important!
If you forget your password the unit cannot be operated!
If you forget your password contact the system
If the password become unrecoverable for some reason
and you need to unlock the system, please contact your
Yamaha representative.
See page 36 for details on how to use the Panel lock
This parameter is displayed, but cannot be changed on
the ICP1 display.
The User Defined Button are accessed as described in
the “Parameter Edit Display” section on page 36.