Inserting the Caddy into CDR100/102 13

3.Push the caddy carefully in until CDR100/102 accepts it.

The DISC indicator flashes while the caddy is loading, and while the disc is being checked. It remains lit once the disc has been loaded successfully.

If the disc is not loaded in the caddy correctly, or the caddy does not contain a disc, the DISC indicator stops flashing and the caddy is ejected.

When the caddy has loaded successfully, it takes about 20 seconds before the CDR100/102 is ready for use. When adding new data to a multisession disc, it may take several minutes before CDR100/102 responds to commands from the host computer.

Note: Do not attempt to insert the caddy while the X2 and X4 indicators remain on after performing a reset. If you insert the caddy too soon, it may get caught by the mechanism. If it does, it will eject automatically after a while. Once this happens, make sure that you power off CDR100/102, then power on before proceeding. You may need to power down your system before powering down CDR100/102. Consult your system dealer.

Yamaha CDR100/102