2 Introduction



Thank you for purchasing, and welcome to — the Yamaha CDR100/102. Before using CDR100/102, please read through this Operation Guide.


The Yamaha CDR100/102 allows you to record data onto Compact Disc Recordable (CD-R) discs. It can also be used to play discs just like a typical CD-ROM drive*. CD-ROM is an acronym for Compact Disc Read Only Memory, which is a read-only medium, so you can read data, but you cannot record new data.

CDR100/102 uses a special kind of disc for recording. Its appearance is similar to that of a typical CD-ROM, however, the base material, manufacturing techniques, and recording principles are different. CDR100/102 uses a laser to write data to disc. Once the laser light hits the disc, the color and reflective qualities of the disc change. Since this reflective quality cannot be changed after initial exposure, the data cannot be erased or changed.

Now that multimedia, which encompasses text, graphics, audio, and video, has become a reality, CD-ROM, with its 550MB to 650MB storage capacity, has an important supporting role to play.

*CDR100/102 will not play commercially made discs whose center-hole location does not conform to the Orange book specification.

Yamaha CDR100/102