CD-R Discs 5


Yamaha have developed two discs, use the discs below, or conventional CD-R discs that conform to the Orange Book Standard.

CDM12Y63 (12-cm)

CDM12Y74 (12-cm)

Using discs developed and manufactured by Yamaha will minimize the occurrence of errors during writing operation, and will ensure compatibility when you read data from the disc using another manufacturer’s CD-ROM drive.

When using the “TRACK AT ONCE” recording mode, do not try to play the disc until it has been finalized (i.e., until the lead in/out information has been written), otherwise errors or malfunctions may occur. Likewise, trying to play a blank disc (i.e., a disc that has not yet been recorded) in a CD-ROM drive, CD player, or CD-I player may cause malfunctions and disc scratches.


CDR100/102 is a platform independent software controlled device. It can be used in MS-DOS, Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX environments. Before purchasing software, make sure that it supports CDR100/102 and your computer platform.

Yamaha CDR100/102