CDR100/102 Features






4xSRecording&Reading(CDR100) 2xSRecording&4xSReading(CDR102)

CDR100 is the first CD-ROM recorder capable of recording at quad speed (4xS). This means a significant time saving for CD-ROM production. Both the CDR100 and CDR102 can record at double speed (2xS) and normal speed (1xS), and read discs at quad speed (4xS). CDR100 records at a maximum speed of 4xS. CDR102 records at a maximum speed of 2xS.


As well as recording CD-ROM and CD-DA format discs, CDR100/102 can play them, too. For these two formats, CDR100/102 functions just like a typical CD-ROM drive.


A compact size - approximately the size of an internal 5.25 inch floppy disk drive (half-height type) - allows you to build the unit into your system architecture easily.

SCSI2forHigh-Volume,High-SpeedData Transfer

CDR100/102 features SCSI2–the Second generation SCSI interface for connecting computers and peripheral devices. SCSI2 provides high-speed transmission for large volume data, especially important when working with image data.

Yamaha CDR100/102