Under optimum conditions you can count on your 12-Voltair to provide “Air Where And When You Need It!” for a long, long
Check the items below atleast once a year or every 300 hours of use.
Check air lter and replace as needed
Check oil level
Drain oil and replace if using a petroleum based non-detergent compressor oil
If you are using a synthetic based compressor oil drain oil every 3 years or 600 hours
Check Belt to make sure that it there is adequate belt tension
Check pump pulley to make sure that side anges are securely fastened
Remove any debris that may have fallen inside the case of the 12-Voltair
Check positive (wire attached to left terminal of solenoid) to make sure that there is not any excessive wear and is
still securely fastened.
Check plumbing to make sure that there are not any air leaks
To order parts consult your dealer or call (402) 723-4985
“Air Where And When You Need It!” ®
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