12-Voltair Warranty Card
Voltair, Inc. would like to congratulate you on your purchase of the best 12 Volt Air compressor on the market. Please
take the time to ll out this information and return to Voltair, Inc. By lling out this form we can help keep track of your
purpose as well as assist us in learning how this product is being used.
Address City State zip
Phone Number Fax Number E-mail
mOdeL # 12V6CF
located on the right side of the base of the 12-Voltair, just below the back of the motor
1. Who Installed the 12-Voltair  Customer  Dealer
2. How often do you plan to use your 12-Voltair?  Daily  Weekly  Monthly
3. What of the following best describes the area in which you will be operating this compressor?
Check all that apply
 Aerial  Management Co.’s  Off-road
 Aerial  Forestry  Oil eld/Gas
 Auto Parts stores  Fuel/Lube  Road Repair
 Catalog rms  Government  Rural Fire Departments
 Companies with eet of vehicles  Law Enforcement  Towing Associations
 Contractor  Manufacturer OEM  Towing Companies
 Crane  Military  Truck parts stores
 Fish & Game Departments  Mobile Detailing & Trim rms  Other ______ ___ ___ ___ ____ _
 Fleet Maintenance  Municipalities
mail Completed Form to
Voltair, Inc.
515 Road 11
York, NE 68467
FAx Completed Form to
(810) 885-8284 download form from
e-mail Completed Form to
“Air Where And When You Need It!” ®
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