In nding a location for your compressor...
1. Find a location in which the 12-Voltair can get adequate ventilation.
2. Find a location in which the 12-Voltair will not be overly exposed to dirt and dust.
3. Find a location in which the 12-Voltair can be properly fastened to ensure that it does not shift.
4. Check the underside to make sure that any drilling of holes will not interfere with existing lines or structure.
Use gOOd COmmON seNse wheN INsTAllINg The 12-VOlTAIr. wheN drIllINg hOles fOr mOUNTINg,
eleCTrICAl ANd plUmbINg, be sUre TO CheCk The UNdersIde TO mAke sUre yOUr drIll wIll NOT INTerfere
Or dAmAge exIsTINg lINes, hOses Or sTrUCTUre.
HoW BIG oF A Hole SHoUld I dRIll? To eliminate any potential problems,
Voltair recommends adding extra protection around the wires and hose (such
as running the wires and hose through another hose, or use a rubber grommet).
However you decide, drill a hole at least 1/8” bigger than the outside diameter
of the hose/wires that will be run through the oor of your location.
Once the 12-Voltair is securely fastened to the vehicle go to nex t page.
Once you have decided on a location for the 12-Voltair...
1) Set the unit into position
2) Mark the 3 holes on the right side of the compressor base
onto the oor of your location.
3) Mark the 4 mounting holes of the base of the 12-Voltair on
the oor of your location
4) Set the unit aside and get ready to drill some holes
5) Drill your holes
- 3/8” hole for 5/16” x 1 1/2” mounting bolts
- holes for electrical and plumbing
6) Once your holes are drilled, move the 12-Voltair back into position
and use the provided 5/16” x 1 1/2” b olts, lock washer and nut to
secure it to the oor. If possible also drill through the side of the
12-Voltair cabinet to secure it at a higher point.
a) Deck Mount- use all 4 mounting holes in base of the 12-
Voltair frame.
b) Bed Side Mount- use at least 2 of the for mounting
holes on the base of the 12-Voltair as well as 2
holes higher up on the back of cabinet as shown in the
above diagram.
Here is an example of securing the cabinet ‘at a
higher point’ for a bed side mount
Here is an example of
protecting wires by either
using ‘another hose’ or
‘rubber grommet.’
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