Be sure to check over the 12-Voltair and inspect for any damages.
1. Side Latches
Use the provided 1/4” x 1” bolt, lock washer and nut to secure the anchor bracket to the
outside of the compressor. Once the anchor bracket has been secured use the 1/4” x
1 1/4” bolt and 1/4” lock nut to secure the rubber hold down in- between the ears of the
anchor bracket.
2. Quick Coupler
Install the threaded nipple and quick coupler into the r ight side of the compressor
through the two holes of the 12-Voltair cabinet.
3. Remove Service Panel- remove the 7 screws that hold the front ser vice panel on the 12-Voltair. Once removed,
there is no need to reattach until your installation is complete.
4. Check B elt Tension- Although the 12-Voltair has been shipped with the proper amount of belt tension, please
check to make sure that it has not come loose during shipping.
5. Check Oil- The 12-Voltair is not shipped with any oil. It takes approximately 2 cups of oil to ll compressor to the
full level on the dipstick. Do not overll. See specs below on what oil should be used.
-20F - 70F (-7C - 21C) 10W non detergent compress or oil
50F - 110F (10C - 73C) 30W non detergent compressor oil
-20F - 110F (-7C - 73C) 40W synthetic non detergent compressor oil
Voltair recommends the use of synthetic non detergent compre ssor oil for year around use.
Amsoil is just one manufacturer that can provide this oil (800) 956-5695 - par t #PCKQT
“Air Where And When You Need It!” ®
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Rubber Hold Down
1/4” x 1 1/4” Bolt
1/4” Lock Nut
Anchor Bracket
1/4” x 1” Bolt
Cabinet side
1/4” Nut