Admiral AAW-18CR3FHU, AAW-24CM3FHU Installation instructions, Preparation to Remove the, See Fig


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2. Preparation to Remove the

Installation instructions

2. Preparation to Remove the

Air Conditioner Slide-Out Chassis

A. Remove total of (4) Philips screws securing the chassis to the cabinet. There are (2) screws on each side. The set of screws closest to the front of the unit secure the front panel to the cabinet. The set of screw closest to the rear of the unit secure the cabinet to the chassis.

See (Fig. 1).

B. Remove the front panel assembly from the cabinet by gently pulling it.

C. Grasp the pull handle at the front of the slide-out chassis and carefully slide the

air conditioner out of the cabinet. See (Fig. 2).

Please seek assistance for this procedure.

NOTE: Screws must be reinstalled upon completion of the window installation to secure slide-out chassis.

3.Assembly of the upper & lower channels to the cabinet

A. " L" Shaped Top Channel: Stick the double adhering seal to the " L" shaped top channel, and then Install the "L" shaped top channel to the cabinet as shown in (Fig. 3) using (5) 1/4" screws. B. "n" Shaped Bottom Channel installed as shown in (Fig. 3)using (4) 1/4" screws.

NOTE: For 18K to 24K models, the bottom channel has been factory-installed, and their shapes may differ from the others, but their functions are similar.

4.Assembly of the side shutters (curtains) to the cabinet.

Slide the shutters into the top and bottom channels as shown in (Fig. 4). The shutters are identified (on each frame) as "left" & "right". Attach the shutters to the cabinet using (4) 1/4" screws on each side.

Right side

Philips screws

Fig. 1



Pull Handle


Fig. 2




Adhering seal


1/4" Screw



For 10K to 12K models

For 18K to 24K models,


( Factory-Installed)

Fig. 3

Shutter Frame

1/4" screw

Right Shutter

Fig. 4


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Admiral AAW-18CR3FHU manual Installation instructions, Preparation to Remove the, Air Conditioner Slide-OutChassis, See Fig