Admiral AAW-18DR3FHU, AAW-24CM3FHU Installation instructions, Top View, 2 3/4 screws per bracket


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Installation instructions

5.Installation of Mounting Brackets and First Sealing Strip

NOTE: Windows come in a variety of different styles. Therefore, it may be necessary to modify or improve your particular installation.

A. Attach the bracket assembly to 90 angle support brackets (Fig. 5) using (2) 1 1/2" bolts

Two bolts per bracket. Secure with the (2) 1/4" lock washers and (2) 1/4"nuts. DO NOT immediately tighten these bolts as it may be necessary to adjust the depth of the bracket assembly, depending on the depth of your window sill. See (Fig. 7).Install the two leveling screws into the

90support brackets. Test the bracket assembly in the window before cabinet installation. If the leveling screws are distanced too far away from the wall to provide stability, it may be necessary for you to fill this area with a solid piece of wood. See (Fig. 8).

B.Measure the inside window sill width and find the center as shown in (Fig. 6). Align the V-slotin each bracket on these marks and mount the brackets to the sill using 3/4" screws provided. Brackets should be perpendicular to the inside window sill. See (Fig. 6).

C.For proper condensation run-off it will be necessary to adjust the angle/pitch of the window brackets. This is accomplished by adjusting the distance of the leveling screw on the outer wall. The maximum angle/pitch should not exceed more than 3/16". See (Fig.7).

D.Cut the seal strip to fit the underside of the bottom

window sash. Remove the peel-off backing on the seal and attach it to this sash. See (Fig. 9).


Use a solid piece of wood to provide stability. This will be required when sills are extra deep.

See (Fig. 8).





Bracket Assembly



90 Angle

Bracket Bolts

Support Brackets

Leveling Screw


Fig. 5



9.6" 9.6"



12.6" (2) 3/4" screws per bracket 12.6"

Measurement for Model 10K =9.6"

Measurement for Model 12K = 10.3"Window sill Measurement for Model 18K to 24K = 12.6"

Fig. 6

(2) 3/4" screws per bracket

3/16" Maximum

Bracket Assembly

Leveling Screw

Outer Wall Construction

Fig. 7

Solid Piece Wood

(If required)

Fig. 8

Window Sash

Window Sash

Sealing Strip

Fig. 9


Page 9
Image 9
Admiral AAW-18DR3FHU, AAW-24CM3FHU, AAW-24CR3FHU, AAW-10CM1FHU Installation instructions, Top View, 2 3/4 screws per bracket