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Buying Apps From Your Device
Like most tablets and smartphones, you can buy and download an array of applications, or apps, to your Kindle Fire
HD. Some apps are designed specifically to make use of the device's high-definition technologies.
Your Kindle Fire HD must be connected to a Wi-Fi access point.
Your Kindle Fire HD's battery must be adequately charged.
You must have a valid customer account with Amazon.com.
Although the Kindle Fire HD uses the Android operating system, Amazon has modified the OS it installs on its
Kindle Fire devices. As a result, not all Android apps will work on a Kindle Fire HD. To better ensure an app will
work on your device, the best resource for acquiring apps is Amazon's Appstore.
Follow these steps to acquire, download and install an app on your Kindle Fire from the device:
1. Navigate to the Home Screen.
2. Tap the Apps option to go to the device's Apps screen.
3. Tap the Store> option to access the Amazon Appstore storefront.
Note: The Appstore interface is not an exact replica of the Appstore interfac on the retailer's website.
However, it has a similar look and feel that closely replicate the web browser-based storefront.