Changing the Settings
This function allows you to change the Language, Time/Day, Rings to Answer,
Message Time and Security Code settings.
NOTE: User can exit the set-up menu at any time by pressing the STOP
Setting the Language
This setting allows you to set the answering system in either English or in Spanish
voice menu mode. Once the language is set, all voice menus, including the one used
in Remote Access mode, will be switched to the selected language.
1. Press and hold the SETUP/ENTER button for two seconds, then release to access
the set-up menu.
2. The answering system announces, “For English, press NEXT, press ENTER
to continue (in English). Para espanol, oprima PREVIO, oprima ENTER para
continuar (in Spanish)”.
3. Press NEXT( 8 ), answering system enters English voice menu mode. If ( 7 ) is
pressed, answering system enters Spanish voice menu mode If SETUP/ENTER is
pressed, answering system remains in the current language mode. In any case, the
answering system enters to the TIME/DAY menu.
NOTE: Language can only be set when the user is in physical access of the
unit. When you are running in Remote Access mode, the language cannot
be changed and will remain in the language you’ve previously set.