General Product Care
To keep your answering system working and looking good, follow these guidelines:
Avoid putting it near heating appliances and devices that generate electrical noise
(for example, motors or fluorescent lamps).
DO NOT expose to direct sunlight or moisture.
Avoid dropping answering system and/or other rough treatment.
Clean with a soft cloth.
Never use a strong cleaning agent or abrasive powder because this will damage
the finish.
Retain the original packaging in case you need to ship it at a later date.
Troubleshooting Tips

Doesn’t answer, or answers on 10th ring

Make sure answering system is turned on.
Memory is full, erase some messages.
Check AC (electrical) power and phone line connections.

Incoming messages are incomplete

Was an extension phone picked up?
The caller left a message that is longer than the message length you chose during
Memory is full.
You accidentally pressed the PLAY/STOP/MEMO button when you were playing
back your messages.