1. Plug the telephone line cord into a modular wall jack.
2. Connect the telephone line cord from your telephone into the jack on the back of
the answering system marked PHONE. (You don’t have to connect your telephone
in order for the answering system to record incoming messages.)
3. Connect the small end of the power adaptor into the P OWER 5V AC jack on the
back of the answering system. Plug the other end into an AC power outlet. The unit
performs the initialization, pauses a few seconds and then beeps when it is ready
for setup or to answer calls with the default greeting and settings.
CAUTION: To reduce risk of personal injury, fire, or damage use only
the 5-2634 (white), 5-2633 (black), or 5-2778 (black) power adaptor
listed in the user’s guide. This power adaptor is intended to be
correctly orientated in a vertical or floor mount position.