GE AGX08, AGX10 owner manual Consumer Support Troubleshooting, Safety Instructions

Models: AGX10 AGX08

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Consumer Support Troubleshooting

Safety Instructions

Horizontal sliding window installation instructions.

Read these instructions completely and carefully.

Parts Included

Tips Installation Instructions Care and Cleaning Operating Instructions

Filler panel

Top and bottom seals (2)

(discard 1 for sliding window installation)

Top guide

Filler panel frame

Foam gasket (2)

(discard for




Side guide (2)

Side seal (2)

Air conditioner

Support platform

Support angle

Leveling bolt

and nut

Consumer Support Troubleshooting

Type A (2)

Type B (11)

Type C (3)

Type D (4)

Window locking

Washer (2)










bracket (1)

and Nut (2)








































































Page 8
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GE AGX08, AGX10 Consumer Support Troubleshooting, Safety Instructions, Read these instructions completely and carefully


Are the installation instructions included?

Yes, the manual contains both horizontal sliding window installation instructions and consumer support troubleshooting advice.

How many types of troubleshooting are covered?

The manual covers troubleshooting for Type A, Type B, Type C, and Type D issues.

Can I find information about care and cleaning?

Yes, the manual includes tips for installation, care, and cleaning of the air conditioner.