GE dimensions ZSC1201NSS/ZSC1202NSS, GE Monogram Built-InAdvantium 120 Oven, 29-3/4

Models: ZSC1202NSS ZSC1201NSS

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GE Monogram® Built-In Advantium® 120 Oven

Dimensions and Installation Information (in inches)

Installation Flexibility

The Monogram Advantium 120 built-in oven can be installed directly into a wall, or a 30" wide wall oven cabinet.

Install it alone, with a wall oven, a microwave oven or a warming drawer.

This oven may be installed below a cooktop or below a countertop

Two Advantium 120 ovens may be installed side-by-side

Two Advantium 120 ovens may be installed, stacked, one over the other

Always refer to each specific product installation instructions for details.

Electrical Requirements

Product rating is 120-volt, 60 Hz, 15 amp circuit and draws

1.8kilowatts. It must be connected to a supply circuit of the proper voltage and frequency and protected by a time-delay fuse or circuit breaker.

An Advantium 120 oven installed in combination with any other appliance must be supplied with separate electrical connections.

Installation Information – before installing, consult installations instructions packed with the product and available on-line at for current dimensional date.

Installation below a 30" or 36" cooktop

This Advantuim 120V oven can be installed below a countertop or beneath a 30 or 36" GE Monogram electric radiant or gas-on-glass cooktop.

Models include ZEU36R, ZEU30R and ZEU36K. Install the oven in a 36" or wider base cabinet.

For answers to your Monogram,® GE Profileor GE® appliance questions, visit our website at or call GE Answer Center® service, 800.626.2000.

21-1/2" Recessed Depth

GE Monogram® Built-In Advantium® 120 OvenDimensions and Installation Information (in inches)Electrical RequirementsInstallation below a 30" or 36" cooktop 19"

21-1/2" Recessed Depth 29-3/4"

21-1/2" Recessed Depth

29-3/4"Specification Created 11/08Manual background 22-1/4"

with optional storage






drawer ZX2201NSS

















Note: The oven is only approved to be installed under the specific models labeled on the unit.

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Specification Created 11/08


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GE dimensions ZSC1201NSS/ZSC1202NSS, GE Monogram Built-InAdvantium 120 Oven, 21-1/2Recessed Depth 19 29-3/4