Haier HSU-09HEA03/(BP), HSU-12HEA03/(BP), 0010518526 operation manual Trouble shooting

Models: 0010518526 HSU-12HEA03/(BP) HSU-09HEA03/(BP)

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Trouble shooting

Trouble shooting

Before asking for service, check the following first.


Cause or check points

The system does not restart

When unit is stopped, it won't restart


immediately until 3 minutes have elapsed


to protect the system.


When the electric plug is pulled out and


reinserted, the protection circuit will work


for 3 minutes to protect the air conditioner.


During unit operation or at stop, a swishing


or gurgling noise may be heard. At first 2-3

Noise is heard

minutes after unit start, this noise is more


noticeable. (This noise is generated by


refrigerant flowing in the system.)


During unit operation, a cracking noise may


be heard. This noise is generated by the


casing expanding or shrinking because of

temperature changes



Should there be a big noise from air flow in


unit operation, air filter may be too dirty.

Smells are generated.

This is because the system circulates smells

from the interior air such as the smell of


furniture, cigarettes.

Mist or steam are blown out.

During COOL or DRY operation, indoor unit


may blow out mist. This is due to the sudden


cooling of indoor air.

Does not work at all.

Is power plug inserted?


Is there a power failure?


Is fuse blown out?

Poor cooling

Is the air filter dirty? Normally it should be

cleaned every 15 days.



Are there any obstacles before inlet and outlet?


Is temperature set correctly?


Are there some doors or windows left open?


Is there any direct sunlight through the


window during the cooling operation?(Use




Are there too much heat sources or too many


people in the room during cooling operation?

Application temp. range of air conditioner -7oC~43oC.


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Haier HSU-09HEA03/(BP), HSU-12HEA03/(BP), 0010518526 operation manual Trouble shooting