Haier HSU-09HEA03/(BP), HSU-12HEA03/(BP), 0010518526 Operation, Remote controllers operation

Models: 0010518526 HSU-12HEA03/(BP) HSU-09HEA03/(BP)

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Remote controller's operation

Remote controller's operation When in use, put the signal transmission head directly to the receiver hole on the indoor unit.

Manual background The distance between the signal transmission head and the receiver hole should be within 7m without any obstacle as well.

Manual background Don't throw the controller, prevent it from being damaged. Manual background When electronic-started type fluorescent lamp or change-over

type fluorescent lamp or wireless telephone is installed in the room, the receiver is apt to be disturbed in receivering the signals so the distance to the indoor unit should be shorter.

Loading of the battery

Load the batteries as illustrated. 2 R-03 batteries, resetting key (cylinder)

Remove the battery cover:

Slightly press " Manual background " and push down the cover.

Load the battery:

Be sure that the loading is in line with the" + "/"-" pole request as illustrated.

Put on the cover again

Confirmation indicator:

In disorderation, reload the batteries or load the new batteries after 6mins.


Use two new same-typed batteries when loading.

If the remote controller can't run normally or doesn't work at all, use a sharp pointed item to press the reset key.


Remove the batteries in case unit won't be in usage for a long period. If there are any display after taking-out just need to press reset key.


Page 6
Image 6
Haier HSU-09HEA03/(BP), HSU-12HEA03/(BP), 0010518526 operation manual Operation, Remote controllers operation