Haier 0010518526 Cautions, Disposal of the old air conditioner, Safety Instructions and Warnings

Models: 0010518526 HSU-12HEA03/(BP) HSU-09HEA03/(BP)

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Disposal of the old air conditioner

Safety Instructions and Warnings

Before disposing an old air conditioner that goes out of use, please make sure it's inop- erative and safe. Unplug the air conditioner in order to avoid the risk of child entrapment.

It must be noticed that air conditioner system contains refrigerants, which require speciali- zed waste disposal. The valuable materials contained in an air conditioner can be recycled

.Contact your local waste disposal center for proper disposal of an old air conditioner and contact your local authority or your dealer if you have any question. Please ensure that the pipework of your air conditioner does not get damagedprior to being picked up by the relevant waste disposal center, and contribute to environmental awareness by insisting on an appropriate, anti-pollution method of disposal.

Disposal of the packaging of your new air conditioner

All the packaging materials employed in the package of your new air conditioner may be disposed without any danger to the environment.

The cardboard box may be broken or cut into smaller pieces and given to a waste paper disposal service. The wrapping bag made of polyethylene and the polyethylene foam pads

contain no fluorochloric hydrocarbon.

All these valuable materials may be taken to a waste collecting center and used again after adequate recycling.

Consult your local authorities for the name and address of the waste materials collecting centers and waste paper disposal services nearest to your house.

Before starting the air conditioner, read the information given in the User's Guide caref- ully. The User's Guide contains very impor- tant observations relating to the assembly, operation and maintenance of the air conditioner.

The manufacturer does not accept respon- sibility for any damages that may arise due to non-observation of the following instruction.

Disposal of the old air conditioner Damaged air conditioners are not to be put into operation. In case of doubt, consult your supplier.

Safety Instructions and Warnings Use of the air conditioner is to be carried out in strict compliance with the relative instructions set forth in the User's Guide.

Manual background Installation shall be done by professional people, don't install unit by yourself.

Manual background For the purpose of the safety,the air con- ditioner must be properly grounded in acco- rdance with specifications.

Manual background Always remember to unplug the air conditioner before openning inlet grill. Never unplug your air conditioner by pulling on the power cord. Always grip plug firmly and pull straight out from the outlet.

Manual background All electrical repairs must be carried out by qualified electricians. Inadequate repairs may result in a major source of danger for the user of the air conditioner.

Manual background Do not damage any parts of the air conditioner that carry refrigerant by piercing or performating the air conditioner's tubes with sharp or pointed items, crushing or twisting any tubes, or scraping the coatings off the surfaces. If the refrigerant spurts out and gets into eyes, it may result in serious eye injuries.


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Haier 0010518526, HSU-09HEA03/(BP) Cautions, Disposal of the old air conditioner, Safety Instructions and Warnings