Managing temperature rise
Dri-Eaz dehumidifiers warm the air as they remove moisture. Optimal drying
temperatures range from 68-85° F (20-29° C)
The most accurate way to monitor temperature is with a thermo-hygrometer;
however, you can use an indoor/outdoor thermometer to gauge temperature-
-just make sure it’s located in the center of the room away from the airflow of
the dehumidifier.
Maintain temperatures between 70-90° F (21-32° C) to ensure best perform-
ance and drying results. This may require the use of the building’s HVAC
(Heating or Air Conditioning) system. If there’s no HVACsystem, call a
Dri-Eaz at 1-888-867-3235, and a Technical Specialist help you find an
appropriate solution.
Place dehumidifier upright. If you transport the Evolution LGR in a horizontal
position, set it upright (vertical) for at least 30 minutes before you turn it on.
This is necessary because when the machine is horizontal, the oil from the
compressor flows into the refrigerant coils reducing the ability of the dehu-
midifier to function.
How to unlock the handle
On the back of the Evolution LGR, just below the top you’ll find the handle
folded down into the unit. Locate the red lever, and pull it to the right. That
releases the handle. Flip it up, and fold the red lever back into place to lock
the handle into position (see Diagram 2)
Locate drainage system
The Evolution LGR pump connects to a plastic drainage hose. You’ll find the
hose on the hose wrap, located on the back of the unit (see Diagram 1). You
can release the hose by flipping the top reel of the hose wrap down; simply
pull exerting an outward force until you’re able to twist it to the right (see
Diagram 3). Twist it down 180°. This feature makes it easy to take off the
entire hose quickly. Place the unattached hose end in a sink, drain, bucket--
even outside; anywhere that water can drain out safely. If you use a bucket
or contained receptacle for water collection, check it regularly.
Plug in electrical cord
Locate the electrical cord either on the top or back of the unit. The Evolution
LGR dehumidifier runs on a 115-volt (15 amp) grounded outlet, which is stan-
dard in most homes.
If the unit experiences a loss of power, which can result from a power inter-
ruption or overheating, we recommend you let the unit sit off for five minutes
before restarting. Otherwise it might shut off again.
Do not operate the Evolution LGR dehumidifier at temperatures above 90° F (32° C).
This can cause damage to both the machine and the structure’s contents. Over-dried
materials (especially wood products) may crack, shrivel, or discolor. Use of a dehu-
midifier in high-heat conditions will reduce its effeciency and the life of the machine.
Dust can cause unit to overheat
and shut down.
Do not operate unit when dust or air-
borne particles are present, such as dur-
ing sanding or spray-painting.
Inspect and clean coils frequently
Read and understand manual
before use.
Evolution LGR
Uncoil and straighten the entire drain hose. Do not leave any of
portion of the hose coiled on the unit. Also check for kinks, or
obstruction that would restrict the flow of water. Failure to do so
may cause a water backup in the pump resulting in leakage.
Picture of hose release
Picture handle release

Diagram 1

Diagram 2
Diagram 3
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