Remove housing, in order to locate the coils, catch basin, float shaft, and drain
• Check coils, and clean when visibly dirty. Dirty coils can cause the unit to over
heat. 1. Unplug unit
2. Remove housing, locate coils and allow coils to dry if wet.
3. Vacuum both sides of the coils until clean, being careful not to let the
nozzle touch the fins; as that may cause damage by bending them.
4. Remove dirt with an aluminum evaporator coil comb available from a
refrigeration supply outlet. Follow product directions.
5. If a sticky oil residue remains on the coils, use a squirt bottle to flush the
coil using a small amount of detergent.
• Check catch basin tray, and clean when dirt and debris are present.
1. wipe clean with a rag.
• Check drain hose.
1. Look for obstructions. Disconnect and clear any debris present.
2. Reattach gravity drain hose.
• Inspect filter cover (this can be done without removing the housing).
1. Vacuum off any visible dirt, or wash with mild soap and water.
2. Let dry and put back in place.
Have the pump system inspected.
1. Call a the Dri-Eaz Service Department, and they’ll help locate a Service
Center near you 1-888-867-3235.
2. To inspect the pump system yourself, use the detailed instruction
located at in the Service section. Once there, click
“repairs” on the left menu and select Trouble shooting a leaky pump.
Be sure to follow the directions specific to the Evolution. If you have
questions as you go through the process, call a Dri-Eaz Service associ-
ate for assistance at 888-867-3235.
3. To access the Evolution LGR pump, remove the four bolts located at the
bottom of the unit. Use a 3/8 nut driver or socket (Diagrams 4 & 6).
Diagram 4
Evolution LGR
Pump removal, location of 4
Diagram 6
07-01480C LW 04-13 Copyright 2007 Dri-Eaz Products, Inc. 6
Diagram 5
Location of blower