This is a sports action game where the Major League Baseball in the United States
of America was taken as a subject matter.
In this game, the following teams appear: 14 American and 16 National teams,
and two all-star teams from the two leagues.
The number of players appearing in the game is over 700. All of the 30 really
existing ballparks also appear there.
The game player or players operate their favorite teams to participate in the
baseball game, aiming at the win.
The following play modes are available: Player vs. CPU, Player vs. Player, and
Game of Intrusion.
First select your favorite from the 32 teams.
Use the lever to designate the selected team, and use the A Button for
determination. This applies also to all the subsequent operations.
Next select the desired one from the 30 ballparks.
Then select the starting pitcher. You can select the desired pitcher from the five
candidates appearing on the screen.
Finally select one of three levels: Easy, Standard, and Hard. The fielding strategy
you use depends on the level you selected.
LEGEND - HARD -: Hard.
Both catching and throwing the ball are operated by the
player. The speed of the pitched ball, i.e., pace, is the
VETERAN - MEDIUM -: Standard.
Both catching and throwing the ball are operated by the
player. The pace is the standard.
ROOKIE - EASY -: Easy.
All the operations to catching the ball are made by the
CPU. All the subsequent operations are made by the
The pace is the minimum.
The game start.
The shortest way to the win is to take advantage of the strong points of the
individual baseball players to play the game.
Apart from the score of the actual baseball game, game points may increase or
decrease, depending on the contents of the baseball game.
If the resulting number of game points is listed at an upper rank when the game is
cleared, your name is included in the entry.
In the Player vs. CPU or Player vs. Player mode, the game is cleared if the play
continues until the entire baseball game ends, and if you have won, you see the
If the difference in score reaches the preset value during the progress of the game,
the game is immediately treated as a called game, resulting in Game Over.