1) First. Remove all access panels from the game. Locate the original game Logic PCB’s & Power
Supply and remove from the Cabinet by first disconnecting all harnesses from the boards. (You need
only to splice in the Main Power (110v AC) into the 3-Pin Connector (GRN/WHT/BLK).)
2) Remove all existing game harnesses (we suggest using New Jamma Harnesses (NOT contained in the
kit) to ensure reliability).
3) Locate the most convenient and open area of the cabinet to mount the World Series 2001 Naomi
System Assembly. Make sure this area is free and clear of all cable harnesses and grounds, cable
clamps, etc.
Vacuum out or clean bottom of cabinet of dirt & miscellaneous parts (e.g.
screws, loose coins / tokens, etc.).
Remove all exterior decals and repair any cabinet damage. Repaint
cabinet if necessary. Remove the Monitor Plexi or if your game plexi has
Silk-screened artwork, you will need to strip it off.
4) Connect the JAMMA Harnesses to the JVS-JAMMA Interface Boards. Separate the wires from each
other (i.e. Control Panel, Video, Speaker, Power Supply). Run the various harnesses to the part of the
cabinet they go to ensuring they are dressed properly & secured to the cabinet. Locate the Volume/
Speaker/Coin Meter Cable and connect to your existing Switch Bracket or use the new one included
with the kit. Note: If you are using a VGA Compatible Monitor you can run your VGA Cable directly
to the monitor or connect it to your JVS JAMMA Interface for RGB Conversion to your JAMMA
5) Remove Marquee from cabinet and cut to fit the new World Series 2001 Marquee in place.
REPLACE old Joysticks & Buttons with the NEW ones supplied in Kit.
6) First remove all Joystick and Button assemblies from the Control Panel. Remove Lexan and Control
Panel Overlay. Proceed to clean surface of the Control Panel by removing all adhesive and dirt. Fill
in or plug up existing button holes to set up a blank work area for your new controls.
7) Install the new Control Panel Overlay by carefully peeling off the paper backing and laying down on
the panel. Smooth it out, starting in the center and working your way to the edges (removing all of
the trapped air pockets). If necessary, cut the edges of the overlay excess and fold under panel.
8) Cut out the button and Joystick Holes. Install Joystick and buttons from kit into the Control Panel
and tighten down. Connect all game harness wires to switches and buttons.