Starting Up/Shutting Down

Starting Up

Do not maximize the Command Prompt screen. Once maximized, the connection
with the wireless display is interrupted and the screen cannot be returned to its origi-
nal size.
<When using the CF-07 series computer>
1Turn off the computer, then connect the port replicator, external display and
external keyboard.
2Turn on the computer and then press Alt + Enter in the MS-DOS mode to
return the window to its original size.
<When using a laptop other than the CF-07 series computer>
Press Alt + Enter on the computer.
If a computer establishes a connection with the wireless display while operating in
a display mode other than that shown below, the display mode of the computer
will change to 800 x 600 (16-bit). The wireless display cannot connect to a com-
puter with no 800 x 600 (16-bit) setting.
Resolution: 800 x 600
Color Mode: 16-bit color
If the connection with the wireless display is cut, the computer will return to its
original display mode. In this case, the colors displayed on the screen may change
if the color mode is changed (from 16-bit to 24-bit or vice versa).
If a change is made to the display mode of a computer connecting to the wireless display,
the connection will be cut, so we recommend not using software such as a screen saver.
All of the contents displayed on the wireless display may not be the same as what
was displayed on the LCD of the computer.
Some applications that use hardware-based drawing functions, etc., might not be displayed.
Some applications that perform frequent screen updating (such as video playback appli-
cations) might not be shown on the wireless display or might be shown as static images.
Some 16-bit applications may not work properly.
The screen display might be unable to reflect a change in the cursor's shape.
The handwritten input of characters or pictures (via drawing) is not possible on
the wireless display. (The wireless display will be unable to keep up with the
processing speed and the picture data will differ from the expected output.)
Windows XP
If many user accounts are created, some of accounts may not be displayed on the
logon screen if the screen size is changed. We recommend not using the Welcome
screen, and removing the check mark from [Use the Welcome screen] in [Start] -
[Control Panel] - [User Accounts] - [Change the way users log on or off].